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Valentine's Day DOH Cards

Valentine's Day DOH Cards

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Size: Single / * Doh not forget how special you are
Estilo: Single / * Doh not forget how special you are

100% Vegan

3rd Party Tested

100% Traceable

This set comes with 4 differents cards templates

* Doh Not forget how special you are
* You are Doh Best
* You are A - Doh - Able 
* You are Doh- Tally, awesome.

Size of card -  
Height: 4.5in
Width: 3.3in

Size of circle - 
1.7in (fits the little 1oz playdoh containers)

Materials used:
1/4in Birch Plywood 

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  • Vegan

    Ethical nourishment without sacrificing efficacy

  • Third-party Tested

    Providing peace of mind to our customers

  • Bioavailable

    Ensuring optimal absorption and utilization by your body

  • 100% Traceable

    Full transparency in the origin and quality