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Personalized Silicone Placemat

$1999 USD

This personalized placemat keeps your table, high chair or restaurant table mess free while baby eats! Maintains a clean environment so baby’s food does not touch the restaurant table, picnic table or anywhere you find yourself eating. Small enough to roll up for easy storage in a wet-dry bag, Ziploc bag or diaper bag, while still maintaining a large enough surface to cover the average eating area of a baby/toddler table. The bottom of the mat is a semi-slick surface that will stick to the smooth surface of most tables. Wipes clean when you are done!

This placemat comes with the little bag 7.9''x5.5'', also engraved with your kiddo name, the placemat and the bag will be engraved with the same name.

I love this product so much that use my own toddler use it when we go to restaurants and anywhere.

- Placement is 100% food-grade, BPA free silicone.
- Size is 18" L x 10" W at highest point.
- Beautifully laser engraved.
- Personalize with your baby name.