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Memorial Dog Ornament

Memorial Dog Ornament

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100% Vegan

3rd Party Tested

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A Personalized Pet Name Christmas Ornament for that special someone! This Christmas Tree Decoration is beautifully crafted from 3mm birch and is 4" H x 4" W. as a single or double with a back of walnut or stained birch, personalized with the name of your lost fur baby. Also comes with twine for hanging on your tree or to hang in your home all year round! Perfect gift for your dog moms, dads, and dog lovers who have lost a lovable furry friend and wants to remember them during the holidays and all year long!

Due to the naturally occurring knots and grain of the wood, some ornaments may be more fragile than others. While we try our best to inspect them and catch ones with cracks while we sand and assemble each ornament - if yours arrives broken, please message us right away so we can correct the issue. Thank you!

We offer many ornament designs for different occasions, so be sure to check out our shop!

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  • Vegan

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  • Third-party Tested

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  • 100% Traceable

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