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Fairy Tooth Door and Mailbox

$4500 USD

The Fairy Tooth Door is an enchanting new product that is sure to delight children and spark their imagination. The door comes in three stunning colors - hot pink, teal blue, and purple - and includes a tiny key that can be used to open it. The door itself is small but intricately detailed, with a whimsical design that will transport children to a magical world of fairies and other mythical creatures.

In addition to the door, the Fairy Tooth Door also comes with a personalized mailbox, where children can leave notes for the fairies and receive messages in return. The mailbox can be customized with the child's name or other special details, making it a unique and personal addition to their room.

The product also includes a personalized wooden star, which can be hung near the door or placed elsewhere in the room. This star adds an extra touch of magic and can be engraved with the child's name or a special message.

The small door that can be opened is perfect for children to leave their lost teeth for the tooth fairy to collect. And, to add even more sparkle to the experience, the Fairy Tooth Door also comes with an empty glass container with lid, which can be used to hold glitter or other small treasures.

Overall, the Fairy Tooth Door is a charming and imaginative product that will inspire children's creativity and make losing a tooth a magical experience.