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Valentines days tag

Valentines days tag

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Color: White Heart + Red letter

100% Vegan

3rd Party Tested

100% Traceable

Looking for the perfect finishing touch to your Valentine's Day gift? Look no further than our Valentine's Day tags! Made of durable acrylic, these heart-shaped tags come in a range of charming colors, from classic red to pure white.

Craft In by Raquel has handpicked each tag in this collection, ensuring that every piece radiates affection and love. Whether you're adding them to your gift wrapping or using them as decorations for a romantic dinner at home, these tags are sure to elevate any celebration.

So why wait? Discover love in every hue with our Valentine's Day basket collection and make this special day unforgettable. Order your heart-shaped tags today from Craft In by Raquel!


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  • Vegan

    Ethical nourishment without sacrificing efficacy

  • Third-party Tested

    Providing peace of mind to our customers

  • Bioavailable

    Ensuring optimal absorption and utilization by your body

  • 100% Traceable

    Full transparency in the origin and quality