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Personalized Silicone Sippy Cup

Personalized Silicone Sippy Cup

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Color: Mauve

100% Vegan

3rd Party Tested

100% Traceable


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Personalized modern baby cups with straws for kids who are able to hold a toddler cup.
Upgrade your silicone sippy cup with your child's name.
Helps kids doing baby led weaning to learn how to use a straw.
This silicone cup transitions that you kids needs. You can use it with a top and straw and as an open cup.
Perfect size for their little hands.
Comes with a straw and a lid.

Did you know that learning to use a sippy cup with straw helps babies later in speech development? This is an important strength in baby led weaning.
It helps children further develop an appropriate resting position of the tongue.
It promotes lip, tongue, and cheek muscle development.
Our cups are designed to inspire ownership and independence as children learn fundamental skills for their future development.

6 oz capacity
3 pieces: cup, top, straw


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  • Vegan

    Ethical nourishment without sacrificing efficacy

  • Third-party Tested

    Providing peace of mind to our customers

  • Bioavailable

    Ensuring optimal absorption and utilization by your body

  • 100% Traceable

    Full transparency in the origin and quality